Spring Camp

Camping! Brings back childhood memories… I decided to go it alone for the first time. Yes a single woman only accompanied by her..well… her dog.. .look at him rolling around with his belly up in the air… He just is in his glory isn’t he?I brought my guitar, parked my camper and waved to theContinue reading “Spring Camp”

Basket of yarn around cats?

Sponsor [QE Home]Designer[QE Home] Wall Organizer -Boho-[QE Home] Trunk Table -Faded Floral-[QE Home] Throw Rug, pillow stack, basket -Spring Floral-[QE Home] Vintage Hatboxes -Spring-📌http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mangosteen/33/200/22 Sofa bySomething NewSE Chele Available at the Pose Event📌 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Possession/76/181/26MP 📌https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/116626 April Fall Cat PrintsApril Fall Clay CatsApple Fall Classic Dining Chair📌http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Apple%20Fall/67/192/55 TMG- Cat 📌http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferndale/135/30/501.:Abedul:. Sheer Curtains with lights Up /Continue reading “Basket of yarn around cats?”

A little Zen

Virtual Diva Mainstore – Hana Dress Photo 1 DPSP – Dream Girls Pose Exclusive @ Posevent 🔹 Open: 27th March to 19th April SLURL  – Mainstore after Event Photo 2 – Hair By Kottie – MP Photo 1 – Hair – Truth on Left – Poetry on Right – Trinket Feathered Expressions Flickr

Winners Drink Milk

Outfit – Top and Skirt by Eternus – Alison Skirt and Judy Top Hair by Sintiklia – Isla with Hat ( hat hidden for this photo) Milk Mustache by Mad – MP Winners Drink Milk my Milk Cap – MP Cow MP and Cat MP Milk Glass by CandyDoll Rose Milk Glass MP

Bonfire Heart

Days like these lead toNights like this lead toLove like oursYou light the spark in my bonfire heartPeople like us, we don’tNeed that much just someone that startsStarts the spark in our bonfire hearts .SPONSOR. EWA Boutique – Wearing: Soraya Set Hair by Faga – Radiant Hairstyle

Take My Heart

Take my heart I’ll take yours too, and we can trade it, trade it We’ll run fast without our shoes until we’ve made it, made it Sponsor> 📌 Eternus Spots Set – Top and Panties Sponsor> DPSP Poses – Female Pose Pack 2 🔹 Only this weekend(4-6 March) on sale at Fly Buy Friday 📌Continue reading “Take My Heart”

Keep Diggin’

And it doesn’t matterIf the world don’t care what you doJust as long as it’s the world to youJust hold onYeahKeep on, and on and onDiggin’ in the dirtLooking for goldGetting through the hurt for something to holdIn every single word let the story be toldDiggin’ in the dirtDiggin’ in the dirtTo find some soulContinue reading “Keep Diggin’”

Dancin’ in the Moonlight

.Sponsor. ..::B2K Design::.. Set Jean Cameron Set Jeans Camerone Hud 4 Textures Jean, 4 Textures Jacket and 12 Textures Top. Comaptible Slink hourglass, Physique Belezza Venus, Isis, Freya Maitreya. Hair: Sintkilia – Isla Roller Skates by NCore – Retro – Pose, Helmet and Phone by – Luxury Fashion Backdrop by Paleto – Skate Park

Perfectly Imperfect

.Style. Jeans By Eternus –  Compatible with: – Maitreya+Petite – Legacy+Perky – Kupra Original+Kups – Reborn Please try demo before purchasing! Top by Tastic – Perfectly Imperfect Hair by Stealthic – Always

Sharing the Fire

While I was out gathering some mushrooms in this cozy nook in the forest I came across a small fire burning steadily. I looked around and not seeing anyone I stood by the crackling fire holding out my hands to warm them up because I left my cloak at home thinking it was going toContinue reading “Sharing the Fire”