Who you think you are not…

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not…

Love n Laughter, Feather

I found myself backed into a corner and as I flipped my hair from Truth away from my eyes I began to smile as I glimpsed how the new eye shadow from SG really brought out the natural sparkle in my green eyes. It has been a chilly winter and I was glad to come inside and wrap my new Jade Jacket from Blueberry around my waist. Everyday I begin to see myself through eyes of Love and I muster up the courage to begin to peek out from under the bed that I have been hiding under.

Love n Laughter,



Blueberry Jade Ensemble

Truth Valentina

Skin: Not Found: Jiu Sorbet

Slackgirl LeL EVo Shad94



Sunny’s Photography Pose Surface 1

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