Triple Dippity Dot

Sits down and fidgets a wee bit as I get comfortable….oh pardon my manners….

Why do this?

I have had a robust life with many twists and turns and I find that my secondlife journey reflects that as well. In my secondlife journey over the many years…I have always been myself… I don’t pretend to be another, or not myself and in fact I do wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes this causes anguish but more often than not it causes great joy, comfort and laughter. Which then brings healing to my soul and hopefully to those I come in contact with.

My favorite thing to do on SL is to DJ. Yes I love music. Music has been my constant friend all of my life and to be able to share music to many fills me with happiness. I truly love to hear people singing and having fun or being inspired enough to share with me after a set words like ” that song reminded me of… that was the first time I heard it… and I loved it…..or .. your music today lifted me up.. thank you! ”

I also enjoy RL photography as a hobby and SL has been pulling me in a few directions there as well. I enjoy learning to make a few things… so perhaps I will share some of my wonderful “Ooops” moments there…*softly chuckling*

Either way.. welcome and I hope you will find a comfy spot to hang out with me and feel free to comment, laugh, critique, share your thoughts and feedback.

Love and Laughter,


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