My Bay Window

We fret don’t we when a door closes unexpectedly? Recently one was just slammed and I mean slammed with such a brutal suddenness that I stood shell shocked for moment in time. Just a moment. I have always been a believer in “Everything happens for a reason.” 

Well, this time I just kept seeing in my mind’s eye an amazing bay window with the sun shining thru and the feeling of complete and utter joy and gratefulness swept over me.

The door that slammed shut so emphatically has now opened a beautiful bay window full of Love, Hope, Opportunities, and a Bright Future..

I am not alone in this journey. I have the love of my life, Josh. He has been my rock when the ground caved under me. He lights my life up and I am excited about our journey together.

I have learned that there are many layers to friendships and I will continue to love and support people where they are comfortable.

I will continue to pray that I touch lives thru the music I share, the photos I create, my poetry or writings…that I touch lives in a positive manner…

Thought for the week : If you fell down yesterday.. stand up today! – H.G. Wells

Love n Laughter,


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