Not Hidden

I went over to Sunny’s Photo studio, took a few shots, and this angle I really shows how I feel in this outfit…I am coming out of the shadows and ready to emerge – beautiful and whole.

I have loved Addams clothing since my girlfriend took me there to go shopping and I always eagerly await new releases and follow them on their Facebook page as well as their Flickr! I excitedly entered and WON the contest for the Megapack – Alva Luxery!!!! I was estatic! The Megapack includes Tied Top, Tucked Top, Skinny Pants and Wide legged pants and Rhinestone Strap Heels. I Love Doux hairstyles, so of course I got my hair done as well! I love when creators work together and offer complete looks for us savvy shoppers!

Love and Laughter,




Sunny’s Photo Studio Work it #35

Addams Alva Luxery Tied Top and Skinny Pants, Rhinestone Strap Heels

Doux Chi Hairstyle

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