Stages Of Despair When We Missed The Icecream Truck

He entered with roses…seated her at the elegant table…she leaned forward to sip her wine and listened gently as he began to speak. His voice hushed, not able to meet her eyes, he watched her fingers nervously twisting her napkin.

He took a deep breath….and began to blurt out the truth. The ugly truth. The shameful truth.

“I have to admit something that I have done that will cause you great dispair. I apologize deeply and regret that I EVER did such a thing. I know this will devastate you.”

Takes a deep breath….

He continued “The other day, I was watching my game on tv and you had asked me to let you know when the Ice Cream Truck was coming down our street…remember?”

She nodded yes.

“Well. I heard it, but my team just scored and everything was in the balance and I didn’t tell you he was coming.” She blinked… wide eyed as he continued…”when I opened the door to go get our mail, there was a note on our door from the ice cream truck man “You have been removed from our delivery path. Go get your own ice cream from now on elsewhere!!”

She stood to her feet, a wail rising up in her throat, the flowers went flying, as she bashed them to the floor and hung her head in grief and despair.

By Feather Dawn

Feather’s Flickr:

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