Benefits of Watching the Sunrise

  •  When you wake up early, you can start your day with peace and happiness and with a relaxed state of mind, without any kind of rush
  • You get to spend time with the most important person in your life – “You.” 
  • Early morning hours are magical, with fewer distractions. 
  •  You get time to work on your big ideas and goals, while the rest of the world is snoozing. 
  • When you wake up early, you can start your day on a positive note, and this, in turn, propels your day in the direction of positive events. Positivity attracts more positivity.
  • Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, which is an important vitamin in keeping you physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.
  • Sunrise has great beauty and peace. Watching Sunrise is a great source of joy and works as an antidepressant. It inspires new ideas and enhances your creativity.
  • Waking up at Sunrise helps you keep the circadian rhythm of your body healthy.

Just be in the moment and enjoy the Sunrise. Practice mindfulness while watching Sunrise and relish the time. This becomes a meditation on its own. Miraculous coincidences come your way. It can be a very powerful practice in transforming your life. Don’t believe it? Try it for 100 days and share your experience.

Love and Laughter,

Feather Dawn


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