Unicorns are known Healers, did you know that? A unicorns horn, the alicorn has the power to cure diseases like measles and rubella, in addition to curing ailments such as fever and body aches. It is also claimed by some that the unicorn horn also has the ability to cleanse water of toxins and poisons..

  1. Unicorns can detect Good and Evil
  2. Healing-Their Alicorn, Their Tears
  3. Power to Make Wishes Come True
  4. Unicorns have Super Strength and Fighting Abilities
  5. Symbol of Eternal Love and Faithful Marriage

Unicorns are magical beings and little is truly known about their abilities but the lore indicates that they are beings wielding the true and pure power of light, goodness, love and hope. They only show themselves to the worthy so if you come across a unicorn you know that you have done something right.

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