I want to Play!

This short Ride went to the dogs!!! It was a quick trip to the store and back I thought as I loaded up the fur babies and whisked off down the street. On the way home, it began to snow and my spirit lifted as everything became dusted with the crisp snow until the younger one began to whimper her “I’m not going to make it home” sound…I pull over and they both thought it was play time! Look at these mischief makers!

You can get this beautiful and fully functional car at the ORSY Event, The pups are at the REZZ ROOM Animal shelter and the outfit is from a great store called Diram where I picked it up on sale at the 60L Happy Weekend Sale!

Sponsor: Orsy Event Open Now until the 21st of November!!

Available only at the ORSY Event:
Wellmade Diva Heels
SURPLUS Motors Six V7.0
Corundum Pose 82F

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