Time to be a unicorn.

Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a unicorn.

This place has gone to the cats…We looked all over, Finally just had to sit and relax…swinging my feet in these cute unicorn sneakers… i looked this way and that. Fred and Sally my cats wanted to help me on this hunt, after all they have gotten a few blind mice over the years they reminded me.

Good thing that I wore my new Unicorn Hat because outside these apartments were not only scary and echoed with the mews of homeless kitties , it was pouring rain and this hat helped keep my unicorn shirt dry as well. The wet t-shirt contest is for another time I thought as I continued to swing my feet peering out into the dark.

It was late and my stomach began to rumble, as I absentmindedly rubbed my tummy, Sally rubbed her head on my arm and as I looked down, I saw stars and unicorns all over. I mean all over ME!!! …………….

Was I the UNCIORN this whole time??

Being a person is getting too complicated.

Time to be a unicorn.

The Apartments

Tastic Store

Hat, Top, Jeans and Sneakers by Tastic Store


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