Suitcases packed and Rusty loaded up in my new car that I test drove this morning at the Orsy Event and was sold before I hit 3rd gear!! We Drove around the countryside taking in the sights and stopped for a ice cream before heading home to unwind with a intense book that I couldnt put it down. Can you tell by the look on my face I was swept up in the moment? Finally ready to call it a day, I got dressed in my sexy Merry Christmas outfit and cuppa hot cocoa and my teddy bear and dreamt of all the pressies that Santa was going to bring to me!

Orsy Event Dec 6th- 21st!

Sweet Ride From Surplus Motors – Baron
[>Ma’De<] Demetria Full Outfit including the Heels
CK Mayla Xmas Outfit – Includes Hat and Teddy Bear