Basket of yarn around cats?

Sponsor [QE Home]Designer
[QE Home] Wall Organizer -Boho-
[QE Home] Trunk Table -Faded Floral-
[QE Home] Throw Rug, pillow stack, basket -Spring Floral-
[QE Home] Vintage Hatboxes -Spring-

Sofa by
Something New
SE Chele Available at the Pose Event
MP 📌

April Fall Cat Prints
April Fall Clay Cats
Apple Fall Classic Dining Chair

TMG- Cat 📌
.:Abedul:. Sheer Curtains with lights Up / Texture Change

JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: White Companion Kitten

Tetra Lumina Capri and knit Cardigan, Mona lace up heels

Hair by Analog Dog -ilo

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