Caring for someone Chronically ill.

10 tips on taking care of someone that is ill…..

I had to make a hard call today. Frankly I am tired of making these calls. Maybe I just expect too much from others … But I want to share a few thoughts about caring for someone with a chronic illness…whether you are paid or not.

1. Realize that their whole world has changed, they are dealing with losing their independence.

2. Don’t treat the person like a commodity or a nuisance.

3. Don’t compare them to other people in your care…ie: bragging about being taken out to dinner, or all the fun activities you do with them.

4. Understand there will be good days … but there will be many or even MORE bad days.

5. Be helpful, proactive with your care, or tasks that you do with them or for them. Im other words…if you always come in and do dishes… dont ask ” do you want me to do the dishes?”

6. Don’t speak for them….Let them have a voice. Don’t assume you know better for them. Let them make their own decisions .

* Barring a medical condition or level of intelligence/mental capabilities

7. Do not call or talk to others like they are not there or in the room, or sleeping.

8. Let them sleep. Sleep is healing. Sometimes it’s the only time they can sleep…when someone is actually there, ensuring their safety or companionship.

9. It’s not all about doing. It can be just about having a caring person there if they need anything, or care to talk, or do anything…or simply nothing.

10. When asked to do something, do not do the deep tragic sigh.

Bonus tip: Talking can be overrated. Silence can be healing too.

Yes. this is personal to me.

Hope this gives you some insight.

Feather Dawn

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