Surprise Dinner

Shh girl…just trust me as he whispered while placing the blindfold over her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his strong hands guiding her…she had to listen to his breathing, his steps, her ears were so focused on him so she wouldn’t stumble as he led her. She stumbled once, he deftly caught her ” Just a few more steps my girl” Her mind began to race again and now she heard seagulls and the sound of the ocean waves crashing and the smell of the tangy crisp air assaulted her senses. Then in one quick move, he twirled her around and pulled the blindfold off!
Revealing a lovely private dinner setting on the roof top of a remote beach home.
“oh!” she exclaimed, smiling in happy surprise. She flung her arms around him and kissed him on the cheeks, thanking him for making her feel so special.
… to be continued. by Feather Dawn

Style card and Location information:

Model is wearing a dress by Virtual Diva Couture – Exclusive at Inithium Event Savage Dress! As you can see all our items this month are wild! Hope you like them. ▶ Bodies: Legacy,Maitreya,Reborn,Juicy Rebor,Kupra and Kupra Squeezed Top too! Find it in our Mainstore after the event

Hair by Foxy

Body: Matreya , Skin – Mila

Location provided by Shiloh Galen Vacation Rentals-

Just minutes from the Blake Sea by boat in deep waters, come visit our little Heaven in SL! Here you can rent a week and go on vacation alone, or with a loved oneOur mission is to have a place for you and your loved one(s) to be able to interact away from home, learning more about each other and about what SL has to offer in a beautiful quiet place.

Reservations only or directly Here!

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