Stardust-sprinkled Unicorn

What does it mean if the unicorn is your spirit animal? This means you are extraordinary with a strong self of and faithful to yourself. Kind, compassionate, ready to help others you weave through life lending special magic that makes you unique. You always seem to know what to do, or say in any situation, but you question yourself over and over. You see the best in people and hope that your best shines through. You are rare, unique and one of a kind dear one!

Here are some of the unicorn’s positive characteristics:

  1. Outgoing
  2. Kind
  3. Healing
  4. Wise
  5. Magical

Not everything is shiny and special being a unicorn….they can be moody and unpredictable.. calm one minute and raging the next, roaring their head up and impulsive. Moody, impulsive, destructive, and sometimes unforgiving. The Dark side of a unicorn can lash out at those you love when you are angry, hurt or afraid. It’s important to learn how to control your emotions, or they will control you. At any age.. and I am still learning this today as I revisit and share with you. So learning about the light AND the dark sides of the unicorn ways …will help us walk with wisdom and light and magic.

Let’s be Magical, Creative, Positive and most of all – Be Yourself – this is how we choose to be like a Unicorn! Love and Laughter, Feather Dawn ©️2023

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