Author: Feather Firecaster

  • Hippo Fun!

    What another Delightful place that Circa has created!!! Secret Garden Model is wearing: Shorts and Top from Amias

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  • Moonlight

    Standing naked and vulnerable letting her Moonlight to flicker reminding me of the light within

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  • Quiet Strength

    Art&Ko – Dark Fairy Set Fashiowl – Reminiscence Pose

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  • Broken Hearted

    Tastic-Broken Heart OutfitINOV Event Exclusive Starts May 10th [monso] Fine Hair /Mix & PopMP Cat Handbag by Amelya outfit

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  • Pool

    Isn’t she Beautiful.. inside and out Entice Malibu Bikini – Top and Bottom – Free GIFT!!! New Entice Group Gift ➊ Malibu Bikini – Clouds– Lara, Petite, Legacy, Kupra, Freya, HG sizes– FREE for ‘Entice Info Group’ members Flickr:

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  • I am More

    I am so much better than you ever will know… “I don’t think people realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of a poisonous situation with someone you love deeply. So if you’ve done that today or any day, I’m proud of you.” I will never let myself be harmed…

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  • I could walk with you fur-ever!

    We all know that our dogs need walks. They need exercise, as well as mental stimulation, to be content and stable. Of course, it doesn’t hurt us to get some outdoor physical exercise, as well. And, the bonding, exercise, and connecting with nature raises our spirits, too. There have been numerous studies on the benefits…

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  • Caged Bird

    ♥ I know why the Caged Bird Sings The free bird leaps, on the back of the windand floats downstream till the current endsand dips his wings in the orange sun raysand dares to claim the sky. But a bird that stalks down his narrow cagecan seldom see through his bars of ragehis wings are…

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  • Stardust-sprinkled Unicorn

    What does it mean if the unicorn is your spirit animal? This means you are extraordinary with a strong self of and faithful to yourself. Kind, compassionate, ready to help others you weave through life lending special magic that makes you unique. You always seem to know what to do, or say in any situation,…

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