Everywhere I go, Jack Goes

⬛ Sponsor: Brillancia Mainstore ⬛ Truth Hair ⬛ Sunny’s Photo Studio “Marcia Set”  The ruffled crystal inlaid top with crystals. It comes with a hud to change the crystals on the collar and lining the inner part of the top.  The tied bottom of the pant, just adds whimsy to this adorable Marcia Set. BRILLANCIA PackContinue reading “Everywhere I go, Jack Goes”


Lyrics:we see ourselves in the wateryour reflections telling me we’ll make it throughno one will ever touch uscause that’s what love will do well, tell me everything you feel nowas I lay right here with youI’ll be the shoulder when you’re cryingcause that’s what love should do I know we swore not to talk aboutContinue reading “Reflections”

No more Tears…

Save your tears for anotherSave your tears for another day Save your tears for another day, ooh, girl (ah)I said save your tears for another day (ah) StyleHer:Sponsor: Eternus – Brigitte Lingerie Fatpack Hair by Doux – Christwo – available at the Level Event His:Body: Belleza – JakeHair: Modulus -WilsonHead: Lelutka – PaxtonSkin: StrayDog –Continue reading “No more Tears…”

Read People’s Hearts…

It is very easy to read the picture that people present to us on the outside…their clothes, hair, their jobs or lifestyles.We all hide the vulnerable parts of ourselves as over the course of our lives we get wounded and we wrap those authentic bits of ourselves behind a wall.Be patient with others.Be patient withContinue reading “Read People’s Hearts…”

Day at Home

I spent the last day of 2021 at home with my pets and my thoughts. What a difference a year can make! I have had struggles this year, haven’t we all? In the end as I reflect I cannot say I would change a thing because if I changed one thing, then I wouldn’t haveContinue reading “Day at Home”

Living Dangerously

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What are You Waiting For?

What are you, what are you?What are you, what are you waiting for?What are you, what are you?What are you, what are you waiting for? .SPONSOR. ETERNUS – Wearing: Snowflake Robe Available at Access then at the Mainstore Location Hair: Doux Andrea Hairstyle