Tacos Anyone?

I went on a shopping spree today!! I got this great new biker short set and visited a wonderful place where I rode the coast line on my bike and feasted on the best tacos in SL! Expect a postcard from me! Sweatshirt hip, biker shorts and top by SenihaAkane Set Mina Hair Holly SoulContinue reading “Tacos Anyone?”

No Secrets

Spent some time at the Lovely Etosha Romantic Dance Paradise. The animals, the Sunset and most of all the crashing waves and being in my Love’s arms. Bexar – Naked Behind the sexys in your eyesThere’s a mystery that I can’t figure outBut I wanna tonight‘Cause I don’t want nothing betweenYou and me so let’sContinue reading “No Secrets”

Footloose and Fancy Free

Credits: Addams – Exclusive Etta & Kristal OutfitEtta Low Rise JeanKrstal Racorback Tank Sneakers: Freda – Jackie Flower Sneakers Hair:Limerence Sandy hair with Hat – Reds 5 Jewelry:Necklace and Earring: Kunst Eden Bracelets:Legal Insanity: Dakota Bracelets Belly Piercing:K Kate Jewelry & AccdessoriesBelly Butterfly

Brand New Key

I rode my bicycle past your window last nightI roller skated to your door at daylightIt almost seems like you’re avoiding meI’m okay alone but you got something I needWell, I got a brand new pair of roller skatesYou got a brand new keyI think that we should get togetherAnd try them out, you seeIContinue reading “Brand New Key”

Different Perspective

Quiet is not time wasted each moment we have has been lent Some things don’t require saying Through actions we learn what is meant Feel the power of pausing Within a moment thoughts can crystallize By choosing to listen with intention We learn – By FeatherDawn


Save Your Tears by the Weeknd YeahI saw you dancing in a crowded roomYou look so happy when I’m not with youBut then you saw me, caught you by surpriseA single teardrop falling from your eyeI don’t know why I run awayI’ll make you cry when I run awayYou could have asked me why IContinue reading “Surrender”