♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ Soul mate maybe there’s not a brightness in this darkother than what is burning in this heartbut if we fight to keep this thing alivepretty sure there’s no end to us in sight i’ll follow you into whatever is nextor you can follow me, whatever’s bestbut first let’s dance theContinue reading “Soulmates…”

Feeling Cute Today…

Credits JC Contstantine – Dress 1 is a lovely Denim Dress- Kisa with frilly lace … Dress 2 has several colors in a easy to use hud and was a perfect dress on a Autumn Day to pick apples.. Emma Dress. Both can be found at JC Constantine’s MP

Spreading Unicorn Magic

Unicorns are known Healers, did you know that? A unicorns horn, the alicorn has the power to cure diseases like measles and rubella, in addition to curing ailments such as fever and body aches. It is also claimed by some that the unicorn horn also has the ability to cleanse water of toxins and poisons.. UnicornsContinue reading “Spreading Unicorn Magic”

Tight Rope Act

Gloss – Talia Lingerie PinkExclusive@Girls HeavenFrom September , 19 – October 13th SPONSOR:

Soul Transformation

I have found that no matter what life throws at me, Music softens the blow. As a Massage Therapist, Teacher, DJ and Foster Mom, I have seen music take a situation and transform it in a way that can only be described as Soul Transformative. For myself, music was one of two ways that IContinue reading “Soul Transformation”

My Little Helper

ઇઉ Safyra’s Item Name: Sophieઇઉ Exclusive at Hashtag Event – September 16th to 30th


Your lips resting on mine And mine on yours A moment filled with sugar and bliss A moment that may be repeated many times Yet it still brings a smile to my face over and over again And nonetheless it’s a moment I will never forget Credits Pose: Peppers Couple Pose 42-3 Exclusive at HashtagContinue reading “Bliss”