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  • Surprise Dinner

    Shh girl…just trust me as he whispered while placing the blindfold over her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his strong hands guiding her…she had to listen to his breathing, his steps, her ears were so focused on him so she wouldn’t stumble as he led her. She stumbled once, he […]

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  • Wishlist-worthy beach homes

    Get ready to say hello to crashing waves and picturesque backdrops right outside your window. Fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves in this charming beachfront apartment. The light, airy home features open-plan living and a wall of windows to maximize the amazing views. Enjoy drinks on the deck and a sunset over the […]

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  • Dreamy Possibilities

    The end of the day, I decided to sit out in my yard contemplating the day and daydreaming about the promises of tomorrow…as my mind wandered, I listened to the ducks quacking and making plans for their growing family, my mind began to drift and felt myself floating and I was suddenly swirling gently above […]

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  • Soft Touch of the Cattails

    Soft Touch of the Cattails She is watchingCattails by the waterand she closes her eyes. The wind caresses her hairpicking up and laying it back downShe lies down and opens her eyes. Blocking out the sun, blockingout everything but the scent of sunshineLooking above thru her bright green eyes. Letting the caress of the windand […]

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