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  • You are Nowhere

    Sometimes when you think you have arrived you are in the same place: Nowhere. But it’s a place to be protected and guarded with your life. You never know what may lurk in the shadows. So be vigilant.

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  • Still Loving You

    I fell in love with Vanessa Mae years ago…an amazing Cross over Classical and Pop Violinist…I was able to Play her song in my Garden that she played with the Group The Scorpions. I hope you Enjoy. Time, it needs timeTo win back your love againI will be thereI will be thereLove, only loveCan bring…

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  • How to Pick a Christmas Tree

    Are you picking up a tree this weekend? Most Christmas trees are cut about 3 to 4 weeks before they arrive on the lot—usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, according to Clarke Gernon, chairman of the National Christmas Tree Association. Once you’re perusing the lot, picking the right tree is like picking ripe mango: you should…

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  • Winter Fun

    Sponsor and Location Amias Asena Dress📌Mainstore Taken at North Pole – Winter Here!📌 North Pole – climb aboard here

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  • The Old Arcade

    As a kid, I used to love going to the arcade. I used to tell my parents I was working on my hand-eye coordination. It was probably just a way to get more quarters from them. Dad’s idea of hanging out with me was to give me $20 in quarters, drop me off at the arcade, and tell…

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  • Slice of Pumpkin Pie?

    Bursting with flavor, this pumpkin pie recipe is my very favorite. It’s rich, smooth, and tastes incredible on my homemade pie crust and served with whipped cream. The pie crust leaves are purely for decor, you can leave those off of the pie and only make 1 pie crust. You can also leave off the…

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  • Peanut Butter & Banana Dog Ice Cream

    The ice cream just takes a minute to make. Toss the bananas, peanut butter, and yogurt into a blender and blend until it’s mixed Next, pour the mixture into ice trays. You’ll need about five or six ice trays for this amount.If you don’t have that many available, just pour some of the mixture into…

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  • Travel with Pets Tips

    I finally made it to the campgrounds and my pup Fritz was very excited to stretch his legs and frankly I was too. No complaints about 4 hour drive in my new car! With the top down and the music pumping it seemed like the time just flew by. I am looking forward to checking…

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  • Good Morning

    7 Steps to a Good Day Get a good night’s sleep. … Avoid the snooze button. … Give yourself enough time to get to work. … Drink a full glass of water. … Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. … Prepare a healthy breakfast. … Take advantage of self care.

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