My Bay Window

We fret don’t we when a door closes unexpectedly? Recently one was just slammed and I mean slammed with such a brutal suddenness that I stood shell shocked for moment in time. Just a moment. I have always been a believer in “Everything happens for a reason.”  Well, this time I just kept seeing inContinue reading “My Bay Window”

Tangerine Dream

Hearing His voice she began to rise from the depth, bathed in Tangerine Hues that glistened and Feathered her skin as the Birth of Harmony lit her fiery soul and the Paradox of it all was reflected in her fierce eyes. By Feather Dawn CREDITS: Blueberry Romance Ombre Dress Birth Royal Crown Stealthic Paradox HairContinue reading “Tangerine Dream”

Triple Dippity Dot

Sits down and fidgets a wee bit as I get comfortable….oh pardon my manners…. Why do this? Because I love to write, to express, create and drive people nutty Because it will help me focus my ideas and thoughts that reflect my real life and my secondlife adventures Because I enjoy the creative expression ofContinue reading “Triple Dippity Dot”