Sending a Raven

I’m sending ravenblack bird in the skysending a signal that I’m heresome sign of lifeI’m sending a ravenwith blood on its wingshoping it reaches you in timeand you know what it means cause out here in the darknessand out of the lightif you get to me too latejust know that I tried

Taking flight

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I just say I’m Fine

I, I can’t deny I’m paralyzed from the insideEveryday I wake to feel the sameAnd every time you ask me how I’m feelingI just smile and tell you that I’m fine, I don’t know why I’m terrified of everythingJust to call the doctor seems dauntingFor most of my life I felt a sharp uncertaintyNow itsContinue reading “I just say I’m Fine”


Every Dog has it’s Day!! Here are a few ways this International Dog Day Adopt a Dog from your Local Shelter Volunteer at your local Shelter Donate to animal welfare organizations Take your Dog out Get Active with your dog Spoil your Dog with a new Toy! Teach your dog a new trick!! Hair: Exile…MadelineOutfitContinue reading “#MakeadogsDay”

Asking for a Friend…

Asking for a Friend…..So what do you say when you lose your way?The past is in the past, it isn’t meant to lastBut if I can’t let go, will you carry me home?Can we celebrate the end? I’m asking for a friend‘Cause I filled my bed with my regretsBut it hasn’t killed me yetNone ofContinue reading “Asking for a Friend…”

My Fight Song…

i aint there yet but i’m healing…breaking down don’t mean i’m brokenlosing hope don’t mean i’m hopelessmaybe all i need is timeit never happens overnight…i aint there yet but i’m healing… Tastic Store –Fight Cancer Shirt – Lavender is the Color for ALL CANCERS!Mila Cargo Pants with 12 Color Hud ઇઉ Click Here To GoContinue reading “My Fight Song…”

Ride or Die

After a great party that I DJ’d at Steele Magnolia’s Pure Country…I just had to sit back and relax by the bonfire…taking time to reflect just how much my life has changed over the past year…the new friends I’ve made and all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way. Credits Outfit from BLUEBERRY andContinue reading “Ride or Die”

Resting Witch Face

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Force of Nature

So why does it feel like I’m running, Like you’re chasing me, From myself, but I wont any longer, Just let me be… ઇઉ ઇઉ ઇઉ ઇઉ ઇઉTastic Store – Jenna Punk Outfit Includes: Top,Skirt,Wristband and Choker. Also Model is wearing Tastic Niko Punk Boots in Tartan ઇઉ Click Here To Go to Tastic InContinue reading “Force of Nature”