Reborn Event

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Time to be a unicorn.

Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a unicorn. This place has gone to the cats…We looked all over, Finally just had to sit and relax…swinging my feet in these cute unicorn sneakers… i looked this way and that. Fred and Sally my cats wanted to help me on this hunt, after allContinue reading “Time to be a unicorn.”

I want to Play!

This short Ride went to the dogs!!! It was a quick trip to the store and back I thought as I loaded up the fur babies and whisked off down the street. On the way home, it began to snow and my spirit lifted as everything became dusted with the crisp snow until the youngerContinue reading “I want to Play!”

Holidays bring Joy

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Ready for the Ride!

All I want is you and me, you and me Nothing but you can complete No, put down everything aside Yes, I’m ready for the ride   All the things you’re doing to me These feelings taking hold as you move slowly ‘Cause no matter how I try, both my head and heart decide TheContinue reading “Ready for the Ride!”

Call of the Crow

Crows are social…Crows demolish the insult that calling someone a “bird brain” mean’s they’re not very clever. In fact, crows are considered to be among the most intelligent animals on the planet. The spirit of the crow should remind us all to leverage our wits so solve our problems. It’s easy to get emotional whenContinue reading “Call of the Crow”

Kiss my…

Friendship and Families… Love is not a deal, we have to give our love without never expecting anything in return…Actions speak louder than words…when love or acceptance is withheld as a bartering tool or a punishment when there is a differing of opinion…that is not love. I fight for friends, for family…probably for far toContinue reading “Kiss my…”