Soul Transformation

I have found that no matter what life throws at me, Music softens the blow. As a Massage Therapist, Teacher, DJ and Foster Mom, I have seen music take a situation and transform it in a way that can only be described as Soul Transformative.

For myself, music was one of two ways that I ‘escaped’ or ultimately found sanctuary… reading is another. Getting lost in the soothing rhythm of words set to music, finding a beat that matched how my heart was feeling or what my heart needed to hear to restore hope or healing has been the cornerstone of my life.

Each time I share music with people, I pray that I reach one person on a soul level to uplift, bring back memories or inspire to keep on taking that step to get them through.

Music has many benefits though, scientifically as well as spiritual.

5 ways Music Can Help You Heal

1. Music reduces stress and anxiety:

Music can prevent anxiety, increase heart rate and blood pressure. Research has shown that listening to music with a slow tempo or instrumentation can put people at ease and calm them down even during highly stressful or painful events.

2.Music decreases pain:

Music has a unique ability to contribute to pain management. In a study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, patients undergoing spine surgery were instructed to listen to desired music a few hours before their surgery and until the next day after their surgery. When measured on post-surgery pain levels, the group had significantly less pain than a group that didn’t listen to music.

3. Music may improve immunity:

Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is an important antibody for our first line of defense immune system. According to research, a group of people was exposed to different kinds of music for some time. People who were exposed to the calming music had a natural rise in IgA than others. Hence exposure to soothing music might improve immunity.

4. Music helps us to exercise:

Many of us like to listen to different kinds of music while working out. Music helps us to concentrate on exercise hence distracting us from looking at the watch again and again. Upbeat music is recommended while exercising to increase oxygen intake.

Music helps us sleep peacefully:

Listening to music can also contribute to relaxation by soothing the autonomic nervous system responsible for controlling automatic or unconscious processes. Music improves sleep through calming parts of the autonomic nervous system, leading to slower breathing, stable heart rate, and reduced blood pressure

Music does heal the Soul.. old adage but did you know there is some truth to this belief? It is generally believed since the beginning of time music has been used to help human beings deal with their emotions and bond with one another. So listen up and let’s release some ‘feel good’ endorphins together.

Love and Laughter,

Feather Dawn

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