Sharing the Fire

While I was out gathering some mushrooms in this cozy nook in the forest I came across a small fire burning steadily. I looked around and not seeing anyone I stood by the crackling fire holding out my hands to warm them up because I left my cloak at home thinking it was going to be a fast trip in and out to gather my ingredients for my soup and I didnt really want to cover up this really cute outfit from CandyDoll’s … the Boots are warm and cozy and very comfortable…I can wear these with anything I think!

But I digress…back to my story… as I was standing there…getting lost in the glow of the flame and my thoughts… I heard a voice “Maam do you mind sharing the fire with me for a bit?” I looked around and saw no one. Frowning slightly as the voice repeated himself I lost my balance slightly and as I looked down to the ground there was a bunny who was holding his paws out to warm up beside me.

Chuckling I said that I would be delighted and noticed the fawn had also settled in beside me. ” I think this is my new favorite place and my new friends will be so much fun!!” I said happily smiling!


Hair by RAMA Salon – Angie Hair with Butterfly Clips

Dress and Boots – CandyDoll – Alegal Dress and Melanie Boots

Butterfly Accessory: Enchanted Butterfly by Tardfish

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